Making Choices, Making Change.

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Hannah is wearing our Della crop top.  Hand made by a social enterprise in Ghana.  Purchase her top here 

Making Choices, Making Change

As a part of our blog, we’ll be featuring people who inspire us to create, live fully and make change.    


I met Hannah in my early twenties. The first thing I noticed about her was her trademark free-flowing clothing and wild hair. Our first real time spent together was on an island in a cabin on a lake. We picked blackberries on the side of the road and baked pies from whatever ingredients we could find in the cupboards. From there our friendship grew and like how most true friendships develop, it somehow became what it is today- true and deep.

To me, Hannah has always embodied the wind. She seems to dance with it, sing with it and even in her laughter- the air around her seems to echo and reverberate at the sound. You can't help but want to be captured in with her.




 Hannah is wearing our porcelain necklace by Barrow PDX.  Hand made using ethically sourced gold in Portland, Oregon.  Purchase her necklace here. 

There's sometimes moments that mark a person's life, and in those moment the one's surrounding you inevitably become marked- changed. This year, in the midst of getting Fallow off the ground, Hannah's mom suddenly passed away. Just like that and everything had changed. Life could no longer go on as normal because we all felt an absence. I watched the girl I knew walk through painful days of grief and sadness from the absence- the missing, and the wishing. But amidst the grief, I saw a beauty emerge because the girl who had been like the wind, became still. She allowed herself to feel the pain, to embrace it and to be held.                      

I learned a lot from Hannah in this season. Sometimes being free means laughing with your whole body, sometimes it means driving without directions, or dancing in the rain, and sometimes being free means embracing the pain- the hard facts and the difficult truths.

The world is full of difficult truths, so full in fact that it can be overwhelming. But there's a beauty in the embrace- to embrace each other in our differences and to embrace the world in it's brokenness.

And in it, we choose to believe that we're not alone. That there are individuals, communities, cities and countries believing in free. People, world changers who believe in doing their small part to making a bigger impact.

This, to us, is the beauty behind #freeandfallow. We're hoping that as you journey to discover what being free is in your life, you'll allow us to be a part of that by purchasing goods made free. Free from unfair labour, free from chemicals, and free to create change.                    

We're offering the choice to be free.    


 Hannah is wearing our Della dress.  Hand made by a social enterprise in Ghana.  Purchase her dress here 


Until next time, Rebecca with Fallow.

Photos by Shauneille Ross Photography





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