Free to Paint our Dreams.

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("The Hills" Mixed Media Painting by Lindsay Shroeder pictured above)

Lindsay is wearing our Dagg & Stacey Mari crop top in white.  Made in Canada.  Purchase her top here 

Free to Paint our Dreams

As a part of our blog, we’ll be featuring people who inspire us to create, live   fully and make change.      


You might recognize Lindsay’s face from a few of our photographs. As an artist by nature and a coffee barista by trade, there’s a part of all of us that resonates with Lindsay’s creative journey.  

Few stick it out. Most of us, left disillusioned by life leave our paintbrushes sitting where we left them and move on to bigger and… more financially viable options.  There’s no right or wrong answer- but there’s a beauty that comes out of the brush, when ignited by true passion, you become free to paint and free to dream.  

Appropriately, Lindsay’s work is inspired by her dreams, her relationships and her memories. Using multiple mediums, she communicates with each mark or blank space an intimacy leaving the observer privy to an emotion.

By nature, Lindsay is a quiet observer but on canvas, her world is an open book – a visual parable for each to discover.

 As Lindsay puts it "the harder part of it is having to come face to face with your emotions to come up with content, with the next piece or the next series. Especially when they're hard emotions to process".  

("Overcome" Drawing by Lindsay Shroeder pictured below)


The reality is, it takes courage to create

and it takes courage to bare your heart on an open canvas.






To all the artists out there – keep on dreaming. The world around you is waiting for your brush, your words to make its unique mark. To hear a song only you can sing.

Love, Fallow. 

You can check out more of Lindsay’s work on   




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