Free to be Fallow: The Road to Free Pt. 2

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The Road to Free: The Passion of Fashion

As a part of our blog, we’ll be sharing the vision behind Fallow and the stories a part of it. 

MEET REBECCA:  Rebecca is the founder of Fallow Goods Ltd - a retail store committed to clothing you with beautiful things made #freeandfallow.   Her life is the result of what happens when you combine a Business degree, an asian upbringing, a creative bend and an adventurous streak--> a very square peg in a very round hole.  She's made it her life passion to change the world doing the things she loves.  Telling her story and being able to laugh about it is one of those things.  


For part one of the series click here.

I was sixteen, probably in love and everyone else was doing it. This was how I began my foray into fashion.

Growing up everyone went to the same stores to buy the same things and the most fashion forward you were, the likely a) more money you spent, and b) how much skin you showed. I look back and laugh at the inches of midriff, the skintight white spandex tracksuits, and most of all the odd combination of these with skater shoes. This was what we wore. I’m not sure who started it or what ended it but where we began is obviously not where we are now (thankfully). 

It’s probably in this year that I discovered something called: being different. Out came the bohemian skirts, the sequined flats from India and the homemade grad dresses. I was obviously discovering a love of shiny things and beginning a relationship with my sewing machine. The end result may not have been perfect, but I was finding something I loved. 

I chose to pursue a Business degree because in my mind it was both the most logical and the most probable. I was not particularly passionate about it nor did I know where it was going. But there I was- getting a degree. 

While my academic career was in full swing, my interest in fashion had not waned but perhaps, reprioritized. I had a nagging feeling that it would reemerge one day but had no clue when or how, just that I wanted it to.

So there I was. The stereotypical consumer- I wore what everyone else was wearing (H&M, Forever 21, and on the occasion a thrifted thing or a Zara piece) and I did what everyone (around me) was doing- getting a degree, hoping to meet someone in the process, and eventually settle down in the suburbs.

So you’ll be as surprised as I was when nothing in my life went as planned (except maybe the degree part). Instead, the years after my life changing trip in 2009 and coming back with unanswered questions were filled with… more questions. 

How about you? Any fashion "faux pas" you'd like to burn all evidence of? 

Stay tuned for more on the "Road to Fallow" series.  



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