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The Road to Free

As a part of our blog, we’ll be sharing the vision behind Fallow and the stories a part of it. 

MEET REBECCA:  Rebecca is the founder of Fallow Goods Ltd. She began her career in business, ended up working with women in recovery   and has found a way to marry the two with the creation of Fallow in 2015.  The main loves of her life are dreaming, beautiful things, travelling, and story telling- oh and all things four legged and furry.  

My road to the start of Fallow was neither straight nor flat. It seems like I’ve taken more detours than turns, and faced more roadblocks than green lights. However, if there’s something I’ve gathered, it’s the joy of the journey. Along the way I may not have come out with a stable job, a great pension plan or even the ability to keep a house plant alive for more than a month, but I have collected and come to treasure the intangible values of character, the painful realization of my own shortfalls, and the ability to make mistakes and go at it again… but most of all to laugh. At myself. Here’s to hoping hearing my story, as messy and unfinished as it is meets you where you are and encourages you to… if anything.  Keep moving, keep believing and keep dreaming.   

At the end of the summer in 2015, I found myself at a crossroads in life.  I had quit my job working at a women's recovery home – where I had been working for the last three years only to face a blank canvas in front of me.   It was a familiar feeling.

In my third year of University six years prior, one year from completing my degree in Business, I couldn’t shake a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something big was on the horizon. For the first time in my life I was hearing about the world around me in a new light. I had gone through my early life in a haze of adolescent angst and trips to the mall- a journey that didn’t quite have room for global poverty and human sex trafficking.

I was in a world of my own but when that bubble broke. It broke hard. A series of events and a “mid degree crisis” led me on a three month journey to document and discover the face of the third world.

I needed faces not statistics, stories, not just names and my theory was that other people did too.

So my roommate at the time and I purchased our plane tickets, packed up and headed out on a largely unplanned trip that changed my life. It was what most people would probably label as foolish and inefficient- we got lost a lot and I’m not sure how much we really changed anyone’s lives while we were there.   But it did change mine.

Faces of the "grandmas" of a children's home in Cambodia.  


Faces of Cambodian girls we met by a street market. 

Portraits like these were my favourite to snap.  

My friend Denise and I with street kids we met in the Philippines.  

A friend I made when we visited his mother's home in a slum in Thailand. 

I couldn’t go back to what I’d been doing, I couldn’t look at my world the same anymore. I wrestled what I’d seen and the stories I’d heard and the things I felt incapable of fixing. At times, the solution could be simplified to one thing but most of the time the problem stemmed deep- genocide, a corrupt government, addiction. Quite depressing really.

And so my journey home and the years that would follow I wrestled with the big question of… how?

To be continued...

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Until next time,

Rebecca with Fallow. 



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