We set out to create a brand that answered the question what if you could have it all? When it comes to purchases, we often make sacrifices. Whether it’s, price, quality, ethics, or style, we’ve gotten used to settling for less.


At Fallow we believe in pushing the envelope on what’s possible to provide products with everything you want and even more. We’re committed to growing with you, inspiring you, and reimagining with you a new way to shop.


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We imagined style that came with the perks but without the price. By selling directly to you, we’re able to bring you high quality products at less than what you would pay at a traditional retailer.  This means affordable prices all year round for the same quality and style you expect from other major retailers.


We imagined what it would be like to get excited again about your closet. That favorite shirt? That dress you wear everywhere? By producing clothes we imagine ourselves wearing today, tomorrow (and for years to come), we are able to produce clothes that are timeless in style and quality. We design products that work as hard on the weekdays as it does on your days off. We also know how important the little things are- like comfort, durability and fit.  This is why we work hard to use environmentally sustainable materials in all our products and why each of our products goes through testing by people like you before we launch it. 


We imagined what it would be like if our company was connected to real people like us who were reimagining the way they could impact their communities. By partnering with social enterprises for our manufacturing, we’re able to ensure that the individuals behind our products continue the work they’re doing. We want to build real connections with people by telling their stories, investing in their visions and ensuring that we build a business community that we’re proud of.  



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